Jennings, Mo. — Authorities said Saturday that police officers shot and killed a suburban St. Louis man after he charged at them with a knife.

St. Louis County Police said in a news release that a woman reported Friday night that her 23-year-old son, Thaddeus McCarroll, had locked her out of her home in Jennings and that she wanted him removed. She said he wasn’t behaving normally and was talking about going on a “journey” and a “mission” and mentioned a “black revolution,” police said.

Through a window, officers could see McCarroll walking around the house with several knives and a Samurai sword, police said. They negotiated with McCarroll for about an hour before he left the home armed with a knife in one hand and a Bible in the other. The release said McCarroll refused orders to put down the knife and began walking toward officers.

Tactical officers fired a “less lethal round” at the man to disarm him, but he didn’t stop, police said in the news release. He charged full-speed at the officers with a knife in his hand, and two officers shot him multiple times. He died at the scene.

The department uploaded body camera video of the incident to its YouTube page.

Police Chief Jon Belmar described the shooting in a written statement as “another tragic situation where police officers had no other option than to use deadly force against an armed subject.”

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