Rescuers release 6 rehabilitated turtles into Gulf

Galveston, Texas — A loggerhead turtle with a hook in her throat dwindled to 70 pounds before weeks of care and her eventual return to the Gulf of Mexico.

Officials with a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration marine facility in Galveston, Texas, on Wednesday released six rescued turtles into the water.

The Galveston County Daily News ( ) reports the five Kemp’s ridley sea turtles and the female loggerhead turtle were caught by fishermen in July and August.

Research fisheries biologist Lyndsey Howell says the loggerhead turtle, caught off the Galveston fishing pier, had a lung infection and was emaciated. The turtle had surgery to remove a hook from her esophagus.

Howell says the turtle, when released Wednesday on the Galveston beach, weighed 102 pounds and was eating 5 pounds of food daily.