Dozens of dogs poisoned then fatally shot in Arkansas

Associated Press

Chimes, Ark. — A humane society official says dozens of dogs were fed hotdogs laced with sleeping pills then shot to death in rural northern Arkansas.

The Harrison Daily reports that the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission was notified Thursday about the dead dogs on uninhabited timber property in Searcy County, about 100 miles north of Little Rock.

Searcy County Humane Society Treasurer Jean Passmore says 57 dogs were poisoned then shot, including five animals that were found alive Friday but had to be euthanized because of severe injuries.

Passmore says the shelter is housing four other animals that survived.

Searcy County Sheriff Joey Pruitt says the dogs were likely there for a few days. He said none were wearing collars, and that they didn’t appear to have been neglected or abused.