— After cashing in a winning Powerball ticket for $327.8 million, a Florida couple has modest goals for their first purchases: a new car and a massage.

David Kaltschmidt and Maureen Smith of Melbourne Beach were introduced in a news conference Wednesday at Florida Lottery headquarters after turning in the second of three winning tickets from last month’s record $1.6 billion Powerball jackpot.

“It is scary and unknown. You think about what you want to do with the money (before actually winning it), and then all of those thoughts go out the window when it happens,” Smith said. “We are going to take care of family, but there is a lot to think about because it is all so stressful and new.”

Kaltschmidt, 55, said he will retire from his job as a manufacturing engineer at Northrop Grumman after working there for 34 years. Smith, 70, identified herself as a homemaker.

Kaltschmidt said he has lost 10 pounds in the past month because of sleepless nights but the jackpot won’t change his day-to-day life. Instead of designing airplanes, he said, he would be working for charities along with tax strategies and investments.

Smith, though, sounded less sure about the effects of winning.

“I’m afraid it will make me less friendly because of all the worrying,” she said. “You think about what is going to happen because we are no longer in a quiet place.”

The husband and wife, together since 1980, are originally from Long Island, New York, but moved to Melbourne Beach in 1991.

Both said they elected to keep quiet since the Jan. 13 drawing so they could set up security at their house and find an accountant.

Smith said she had been using the winning numbers — 4-8-19-27-34 and the Powerball of 10 — for years but rarely played. The ticket was a $3 investment.

The couple, who claimed the prize as the Nickel 95 Trust, elected to take the one-time, lump sum payment.

John and Lisa Robertson of Munford, Tennessee, cashed in their ticket last month, also taking the lump sum. The winners in California have not publicly come forward yet.


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