Homeless man who spotted Calif. fugitives gets $100K

Santa Ana, Calif. — A San Francisco homeless man who pointed out two fugitive Orange County jail inmates to police will get $100,000 in reward money.

Jean Pasco, a county spokeswoman, says the Board of Supervisors voted Tuesday to award Matthew Hay-Chapman two-thirds of the $150,000 reward.

Hay-Chapman spotted fugitives Hossein Nayeri and Jonathan Tieu near a grocery store parking lot after seeing their mug shots in the news.

Two Target employees and a man whose white van was stolen by Nayeri, Tieu and the third inmate, Bac Duong, will split the remaining $50,000.

The fugitives broke out of the Central Men’s Jail in Orange County on Jan. 22.

Duong surrendered to authorities on Jan. 27.

Hay-Chapman spotted Nayeri and Tieu the following day.