2 accused of holding girl captive in Toledo basement

John Seewer
Associated Press

Toledo, Ohio — A teenager held captive by relatives for as long as a year used a spare key to escape and run to a nearby house Wednesday night, authorities said.

A father and his adult son were arrested early Thursday, not long after the girl got out.

Timothy Ciboro, 53, and Esten Ciboro, 27, were charged with kidnapping and child endangerment and were being held on bond.

Both asked for a public defender during a brief hearing Thursday. A message was left with the public defender’s office.

It’s not clear how long the girl may have been in the basement. She told investigators she was shackled by the ankle to a support beam in the darkened room for different periods of time, and as long as a year, according to a court document.

The head of Lucas County Children Services said the girl is related to the two men. She was found with poor hygiene, but two others who also were in the house appeared to be OK, said Robin Reese, the agency’s executive director.

“They were not victims, to my knowledge,” she said.

The agency had contact with the girl in 2014, but she did not show signs of being malnourished or mistreated and was never removed from the home, she said.

The girl was home-schooled, Reese said.

All three children were placed in foster care Thursday.