Suspect dead following shooting of 2 California cops

Associated Press

Fremont, Calif. — The body of a man accused of wounding two Northern California police officers has been found inside a home that caught fire after police tear gassed the place in an effort to force him out of the residence, officials said Thursday.

His name and age were not released. It was not immediately known if the man died from the fire or gunshot wounds sustained during the initial shooting, police said.

No one else was injured in the fire at the Fremont home.

Fremont Police spokeswoman Geneva Bosques said the man’s body was found Thursday morning after an overnight standoff that started when the suspect shot the locks off a door to a vacant home and barricaded himself inside overnight.

The officers from the Fremont Police Department were shot Wednesday afternoon after a traffic stop turned violent, prompting a manhunt that involved a house to house search that lasted well into the night, said Alameda County Sheriff’s Office Sgt. Ray Kelly. Fremont is about 40 miles south of San Francisco.

One officer remains in critical condition. The second officer is in stable condition, Bosques said. Their names have not been released.

The incident started when the suspect backed into an officer’s patrol car and a person inside the white pickup truck fired shots that injured the officer. The shooter and another suspect then ran away, said Kelly.

Shortly after that officers from several law enforcement agencies flooded the area and searching got underway.

A while later, a Fremont police officer with about 10 years of service with the department was wounded in a shootout with the suspect, officials said.

Following the shooting, investigators had ordered residents of the blue-collar neighborhood to remain in their homes and to call police about anything suspicious. Police helicopters were deployed and police dogs used in searching yard-by-yard and door-to-door.