Judge tosses parts of Cosby’s lawsuit

Associated Press

Philadelphia — A federal judge is paring back a lawsuit in which Bill Cosby claims a woman accusing him of sexual assault, her mother, two lawyers and the publisher of the National Enquirer violated a confidential settlement agreement.

U.S. Judge Eduardo Robreno ruled Friday that the accuser and others couldn’t be sued for talking to law enforcement about her allegations. But other aspects of the lawsuit were left intact and will proceed.

Cosby’s lawsuit claims all five parties breached a 2006 secrecy deal and that the woman’s actions have unjustly enriched her.

The judge is dismissing the accuser’s mother from the lawsuit. He’s letting the case continue regarding recent statements and actions by the accuser, her lawyers and American Media.

Cosby is awaiting trial for the alleged aggravated indecent assault of the woman in 2004.