Maine GOP, Dems meet to discuss governor’s conduct

Marina Villeneuve
Associated Press

Augusta, Maine — Maine legislative leaders have met to discuss Republican Gov. Paul LePage’s obscene tirade against a Democratic legislator but remain at odds over what to do about it.

Worries about the statewide November election, the future of LePage’s reform agenda and what the state constitution has to say about possible punishments for LePage make it unlikely he’d face any legislative punishment anytime soon.

Democrats continued calling for LePage’s impeachment or resignation Thursday. They even suggest Republican state Senate President Michael Thibodeau wouldn’t be a bad replacement as governor.

Thibodeau says impeachment of LePage isn’t going to happen.

LePage left a lawmaker an obscene voicemail and then said he wished it were 1825 so they could duel and LePage could point a gun at him. LePage has apologized and says he won’t resign.