Vermont farm says thousands of turkeys died of disease

Associated Press

Orwell, Vt. — Thousands of turkeys have reportedly died at a Vermont farm due to a bacterial disease that affects domestic and wild birds.

WCAX-TV reports the Stonewood Farm, in Orwell, usually raises and processes 30,000 turkeys each year. But only about half that number will make it to the market this year.

Owner Peter Stone says he thinks a fox carrying the bacteria — fowl cholera — sneaked into one of the barns, killing some turkeys and infecting the rest.

The die-off was reported to state officials, who conducted testing that ruled out the Avian Flu as the cause. State veterinarian Kristin Haas says every test came back negative.

Haas says this is the only outbreak of fowl cholera reported this year in Vermont. She says this particular infection isn’t transmissible to people.