Obama made artist’s name, but Trump portraits fizzle

Associated Press

Nairobi, Kenya — Kenyan artist Evans Yegon is sad to see President Barack Obama leave office. The artist has made a name for himself painting $1,000 portraits of Obama and he’s finding the new focus of his work — Donald Trump — a hard sell.

Obama’s presidency electrified Kenyans, who are proud that his father was a Kenyan. Thousands thronged Obama’s visit to the country as president in 2015. Many express sadness at the impending end of Obama’s time in office.

“Simple: Obama is a sort of miracle of the century,” journalist Ochieng Ogodo posted on Facebook.

While Trump is an interesting subject with his facial expressions and persona, Yegon said he has struggled to find buyers for his paintings of the president-elect.

“Even if you are a Donald Trump supporter, you don’t want to make it public,” Yegon said. “I painted him because he is hated and he is loved.”

Yegon has sold just one Trump painting, to an American client, of the 10 he has painted so far.

He said he sold 28 of the 30 Obama paintings he made during the outgoing president’s second term.