Harvey hits home for ex-Detroit News photographer

The Detroit News

Michigan native Elizabeth Conley has been covering Harvey’s destruction as a staff photographer for the Houston Chronicle. Her photos of the flooding, trapped homeowners, rescues, evacuees, mountains of donated clothing and the like have been seen around the world via the Associated Press.

“Right now we’re still rescuing people,” Conley said Wednesday. “The shelter (for evacuees) is overflowing, and that’s heartbreaking. I hope people find a place that’s safe to stay.”

Her biggest challenge is simply getting around town on Houston’s flooded roads, many of them closed to traffic. Shooting photos that tell the story of the disaster “is really difficult, mostly because of how big Houston is,” Conley said. “I can work on one piece of the story for 12 hours, but it’s hard to see the bigger picture.”

One heartening aspect is that “the people who weren’t affected are coming out in droves, volunteering. It’s awesome to see. Some places are turning them away, they have so many.”

Conley grew up in Lansing, graduated from Michigan State and was a Detroit News photographer from 2003-15.