Family: Trump sent $25K promised after soldier’s death

Associated Press

Zebulon, N.C. — President Donald Trump has sent a $25,000 check months after promising the gift during a June condolence call to a North Carolina man whose son was killed in Afghanistan.

Christopher and Jesse Baldridge of Zebulon confirmed receiving the check that Trump pledged after Army Sgt. Dillon Baldridge was killed in Afghanistan, television stations WTVD and WRAL reported. Christopher Baldridge declined Monday evening to discuss the check with an Associated Press reporter who visited his home.

Last Wednesday, The Washington Post quoted Christopher Baldridge as saying the check hadn’t come since the president called about his son. The check bore the date that the story was published, WTVD reported .

Jesse Baldridge said the check arrived in a FedEx package with a return address from The Trump Organization. The parcel also contained a letter on White House letterhead and Trump’s signature. The letter read: “Dear Christopher. I am glad my legal counsel has been able to finally approve this contribution to you. Enclosed is a check for $25,000 — I hope this will make things a bit easier, but nothing will ever replace your son, Dillon. He was an American hero.”

Jessie Baldridge said the couple never really expected Trump to send the check.

“We got a condolence letter from him and there was no check, and we kind of joked about it,” she told WTVD. “We didn’t take to social media and didn’t complain.”

The couple plan to use the money to start a foundation honoring Dillon’s legacy, she said.