Passengers on this plane will probably say they had a crappy flight.

A United Airlines flight from Chicago to Hong Kong had to be redirected to Alaska because of a passenger “smearing feces everywhere,” KTVA reports.

United Airlines flight 895 was diverted to Anchorage Thursday when an adult male smeared his poop within a couple of bathrooms on the plane. The man also took off his shirt and tried to stuff it into a toilet.

Following the incident, the man was reportedly cooperative with the flight crew and was seated when the flight touched ground in Alaska, KTVA reports.

FBI agents and airport police met with the passenger and had to be interviewed by both agencies.

No charges were filed against the man, but he was taken to the hospital for a psych evaluation, police told KTVA. The incident is under investigation by both airport police and the FBI.

The flight was reportedly grounded overnight for maintenance.

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