Delta flight to Detroit makes emergency return to LA

Associated Press

Los Angeles – A Delta Air Lines passenger jet returned safely to Los Angeles International Airport on Thursday after developing a hydraulic problem shortly after takeoff, officials said.

Flight 1594 to Detroit reported a “flight control issue” involving a hydraulic issue, said Ian Gregor, a spokesman for the Federal Aviation Administration.

The problem was reported about 12 minutes after takeoff and the Boeing 757-200 turned around and landed safety shortly before 2:30 p.m., Fire Department spokesman Brian Humphrey said.

Firefighters noticed a little smoke coming from the left landing gear and sprayed it with water to cool it down, Humphrey said.

They also saw some hydraulic fluid on the ground, he said.

The plane’s 125 passengers and six crew members weren’t injured.

The plane was taken to a remote parking area to be checked out by a maintenance crew and passengers were scheduled to take another plane to Detroit later in the day, Delta spokeswoman Elizabeth Wolf said.