Granger, Ind. – Residents in a northern Indiana neighborhood are battling an infestation of gypsy moth caterpillars that are stripping trees bare of foliage.

The invasive insect is wreaking havoc along Granger’s Sturdy Oaks Lane, where their wriggling caterpillars cover trees, homes and roads.

Neighbors say they can’t enjoy being outside in their yards because the caterpillars fall from trees onto them.

Homeowner Paul Tepe tells WSBT-TV some trees are covered with so many caterpillars that, “You can actually hear them eating” if you stand beneath them.

Residents have tried insecticides, burlap sacks and sticky tape to slow the caterpillars’ spread in the city just northeast of South Bend.

Arborist David Duncan says if the infestation goes untreated the next infestation could be unimaginable. That’s because females can lay over 1,000 eggs each.

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