Regulators unsure where mill’s pollution goes

Associated Press

Burns Harbor, Ind. – Environmental regulators aren’t sure where a northwestern Indiana steel mill’s pollution ends up after it’s released by the mill that’s the nation’s largest industrial source of lead.

The Chicago Tribune reports that its analysis of federal records shows ArcelorMittal’s Burns Harbor steel mill emitted nearly 18,000 pounds of lead and 173,000 pounds of benzene in 2016.

That makes the complex about 20 miles southeast of Chicago the nation’s largest industrial source of both pollutants.

A state wind pattern analysis suggests pollution could be blowing north and west toward Chicago or south toward the Indiana community of Chesterton.

The Environmental Protection Agency says it started an analysis this summer to determine where the mill’s lead pollution spreads.

ArcelorMittal says there isn’t any evidence the mill’s air pollution exceeds regulatory standards.