Connecticut man recalls golf course attack by rabid bobcat

The Day
Mike Popkowski was attacked by a rabid bobcat as he golfed in Connecticut.

New London, Conn. – A Connecticut man attacked by a rabid bobcat while golfing doesn’t remember much about the incident but says he can still see “this miserable animal coming at me.”

Mike Popkowski of New London tells The Day he was on the seventh hole of the Mohegan Sun Golf Club in Sprague on April 18 when one of the others in his foursome yelled to him to watch out.

He says he remembers a guttural growl and a faint skunk-like smell. The 70-year-old Popkowski later learned the bobcat jumped on his back, biting his left arm and shoulder while clawing his head.

He was treated at a hospital for puncture wounds, a nearly severed earlobe and lacerations on his scalp, which required 10 staples. He’s also undergoing a series of rabies shots.