9 Florida students hospitalized for eating ‘THC-laced candy’

Associated Press

Cooper City, Fla. – Authorities say nine students from a Florida charter school ate marijuana-infused candy and were hospitalized with stomach pains.

In this Friday, Aug. 16, 2019, photo, chemist David Dawson holds a cannabis-infused chocolate bar as he demonstrates testing for THC and other chemicals at CW Analytical Laboratories in Oakland, Calif.

News outlets report students between the ages of 10 and 11 from Renaissance Charter School at Cooper City were hospitalized Friday. News outlets say the students were expected to be released Friday.

A statement from school spokeswoman Colleen Reynolds says a student “inadvertently” brought in THC-laced candy in a package similar to a popular sour candy and shared it with their friends. Reynolds says EMS and law enforcement were immediately contacted.

Broward County Sheriff’s spokesman and Battalion Chief Michael Kane says the students had abdominal pain after consuming the edibles. Kane says their injuries weren’t life-threatening.

Sheriff’s Sgt. Donald Prichard said no criminal charges were filed Friday, but the investigation is ongoing.