Trump seeks to block California as global climate leader

Ellen Knickmeyer
Associated Press
President Donald Trump traded Twitter insults with the Minneapolis mayor over who should pay more than $500,000 in security costs for Thursday’s rally at a downtown arena. He denounced Jacob Frey as a “Radical Left” lightweight.

Washington – The Trump administration is suing to topple California as an international leader against climate change.

The Justice Department filed a civil complaint Wednesday against California Gov. Gavin Newsom and others. The suit charges that California exceeded its authority when it signed an agreement with the Canadian province Quebec to limit climate-damaging fossil fuel emissions.

Assistant U.S. Attorney General Jeffrey Bossert Clark says California “veered outside its proper constitutional lane.”

It’s the latest battle between California and the Trump administration, which is also fighting to overturn California’s authority to curb car emissions by setting tough mileage standards.

President Donald Trump mocks the science of climate change and made pulling out of the Paris climate accord one of his first acts.

Newsom says the White House is waging a “political vendetta.”