Detroit — Filmmaker Michael Moore went on an online rant Friday, recording a podcast and writing that President Donald Trump is creating actions of war in the new decade.

The Flint native started off on Facebook and Twitter, asking fellow Americans, "Do you know this man? Did you know he was your enemy?" with a photo of Iranian Gen. Qassem Soleimani, who was killed in an airstrike Thursday night by order of the president.

"What? Never heard of him? By the end of today you will be trained to hate him. You will be glad Trump had him assassinated," Moore wrote. "You will do as you are told. Sit! Fetch! Jump! Get ready to die on your plane ride back home from the holidays. Get ready to send your sons and daughters to die in a new war."

Moore goes on to say Americans shouldn't be calm, saying, "There must be no delay before we act."

"War makes the rich richer. War is good. War is a necessary distraction. War is peace. Trump is our Commander! Happy New Decade. It won’t be long now," he wrote. "Shhhh...sleep...there was no was a perfect call...I just shot a man on 5th Avenue just because I can...I’m sorry, but due to this national emergency we’ve had to postpone the election..."

He released an unscheduled podcast on his show, "Rumble with Michael Moore" on Apple Podcasts titled "Trump Assassinates Soleimani — 'An Act of War.'

Moore said he recorded his thoughts in the middle of the night, unable to sleep following the news.

"We knew this was coming, didn't we? Trump has been saying since day one that he was going after Iran. He got rid of the Iran nuclear deal that Obama had done with the Iranians and all the U.N. inspectors said Iran was complying and they weren't building a nuclear bomb," Moore says in the podcast. "(Trump) ended the deal because Obama did the deal. That's been the number one policy directive of the Trump administration that anything that has Obama's name on it is no good."

Moore is an American documentary filmmaker and author who is best known for his work on globalization and capitalism. Moore has been an outspoken critic of Trump since he announced his run for office in 2015 but predicted he would win.

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He goes on to say the "crime can't be justified" and Trump ordered the hit to delay his impeachment trial like "Bill Clinton did (an airstrike on Iraq) days before his impeachment."

Moore received criticism online and continued to post and said he may do another podcast if more information is released Friday.

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