Minneapolis – No charges will be filed against five police officers who fatally shot a man who livestreamed himself being chased by police, then got out of his car and threatened officers with a knife, a Minnesota prosecutor announced Monday.

Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman said the officers from the Minneapolis suburbs of Edina and Richfield were justified in using deadly force against Brian Quinones in September because the 30-year-old man threatened them with a knife and refused to drop it.

His younger brother said at the time that Quinones had been having suicidal thoughts.

“When Mr. Quinones left his car after leading police on a chase, he had a knife in his hand. Subsequently, he threatened several officers with the knife. Mr. Quinones refused police requests to stand down and refused to drop the knife,” Freeman said in a statement. Under Minnesota law, the officers’ use of deadly force was necessary, proportional, and objectively reasonable in the face of the apparent threat of death or great bodily harm, and no criminal charges are warranted,” he said.

The livestreamed video of the final minutes of Quinones’ life show him calmly driving a car and listening to music, running at least one red light as he leads officers on a chase through Edina and Richfield. At one point, the video shows, Quinones got out of the car with what appears to be a knife.

Squad car video released Monday shows Quinones walking toward an officer with what looks like a knife raised in his right hand and the blade pointed at the officer, as the officer backs away with his gun drawn, shouting “Drop the knife! Drop it! Drop the knife!” Another squad video shows Quinones appears to make a move toward an officer when he is surrounded by officers and shot multiple times. He falls to the ground.

Freeman said that at one point, an officer used a stun gun and Quinones turned and ran at the officer screaming, “Kill me, kill me!”

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