Hartford, Conn. – Ledyard police said they are trying to find out who vandalized a sign supportive of President Donald Trump by spray-painting a swastika over it.

The homemade, plywood sign – which was put up by the property owner – read, “Go Trump, Shif liar” in blue paint, said Lt. Ken Creutz. “Shif” is an apparent reference to U.S. Rep. Adam Schiff, who was the lead House manager in the president’s impeachment trial.

A patrol officer passing by Saturday noticed that a gold swastika had been painted over the words, Creutz said.

“We have opened a case on that now,” he said Wednesday. “We’re obviously hoping that someone who does have knowledge of it comes forward.”

He can’t say if it’s a hate crime because he doesn’t know the intent of the person who drew the Nazi symbol, Creutz said.

Police took the sign for their investigation and the owner replaced it, he said.

The new sign has Navy blue letters on an aqua blue background and reads, “Go Trump, U R sore losers Democrats.”

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