4 hurt when piles of fireworks ignite at block party in Toledo

The Detroit News

Toledo — Stacks of fireworks piled next to a rental truck ignited and set off a cascade of explosions at a Fourth of July block party in Ohio, injuring four people and littering a street with debris, police said.

A video from a neighbor showed people yelling and running for cover as the fireworks exploded in every direction Sunday night in Toledo. At one point, the rental truck, which had been packed with the fireworks, briefly caught fire.

The injuries weren't life-threatening, police said.

The truck was parked on the street at a large block party where tents had been set up along the street.

“Something caught it on fire, and that part is still under investigation,” said Sterling Rahe, a spokesperson for the Toledo fire department. “It was a pretty violent explosion.”

Authorities were trying to find out who who rented the truck, Rahe said.