Report: Mayor misused security detail for family, campaign

Associated Press

New York — New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio misused city resources by running up more than $300,000 in out-of-town travel expenses for the security detail during his failed presidential run and by letting his adult son use his police security detail as a free taxi service, investigators concluded in a report released Thursday.

The improprieties cited in the report by the city Department of Investigation included the use of a police van to carry a futon when de Blasio's daughter, Chiara, moved from a Brooklyn apartment back to Gracie Mansion in August 2018 and the use of members of the mayor's security team to drive his son, Dante, to and from Yale University and around New York City.

Both de Blasio children were entitled to full-time protection but declined it as adults, the report said.

Dante de Blasio's frequent use of officers from the mayor's security detail for transportation did not arise from any security concern "but was instead driven solely by a combination of Dante’s preferences and the availability of personnel who were otherwise assigned to the Mayor," the investigators concluded.

Additionally, the investigators found that the New York Police Department paid $319,794 for de Blasio’s security detail to travel outside New York City on 2019 presidential campaign trips, money which has not been reimbursed.

“Intelligence and security experts should decide how to keep the mayor and his family safe, not civilian investigators," Danielle Filson, a spokesperson for the mayor, responded.

Filson said the report was "based on illegitimate assumptions and a naïve view of the complex security challenges facing elected officials today.”

A message seeking comment was sent to the police department.