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An expert answers your questions about shopping during the coronavirus pandemic

The Detroit News

There is a lot of misinformation out there about the new coronavirus. There's also been a run on basic staples like toilet paper, flour and cleaning products, which is creating worry in the community. 

In order to get your questions answered about product availability during this pandemic, we reached out to University of Michigan professor and sustainability expert Shelie Miller. 

Miller joined us live on our Facebook page Wednesday, April 1 to answer questions about grocery shopping behavior, panic buying and what we need to do during this pandemic to make sure there is enough for everyone. 

Miller is a professor at the UM School for Environment and Sustainability and director of the U-M Program in the Environment. She is an environmental engineer who studies food supply chains, food waste and the environmental impact of food.

This is part of a series of live chats. Earlier we spoke to Dr. Rena Daiza, a family medicine doctor with Henry Ford Health System to answer your medical questions about COVID-19