Oakland county business owner calls on other businesses to donate protective gear

Maureen Feighan
The Detroit News

The owner of an Oakland County landscaping company is calling on other businesses to assess the protective gear they regularly use in their line of work and consider donating it to local hospitals that are in short supply during the coronavirus pandemic.

Daryl Toby, the owner of AguaFina Gardens in Sylvan Lake, said other businesses such as landscapers, contractors, painters and home improvement companies routinely use Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) such as face masks, face shields, respirator masks and filters. But that equipment isn't being used while business is on hold and hospitals need it more, said Toby, who has a sister who is certified nurse anesthetist.

AguaFina is asking other businesses to assess the Personal Protective Equipment they regularly use such as face masks and goggles to donate them to local hospitals.

"Many types of unique niche businesses have PPE needed for their operations," said Toby in an email. "What is equally important is for businesses to realize that even small quantities are useful. This is very, very important for the entire community to know."

He said front-line health care workers are in desperate need of protective gear.

"And many of us have it in our storerooms," said Toby. "Right now, they need it more than we do."

Toby suggested companies assess what they have, take a photo and then post it to social media channels with the hashtag #supportcv19frontline and #protecthealthcarewokers. He said there are donations sites available where businesses can drop off what they have.