Michigan Senate votes to give judges a pay raise

Associated Press

Lansing — Michigan judges would get a raise under a bill moving forward in the Legislature .

The Senate voted 33-3 Thursday for legislation increasing judges' salaries at the same rate as future pay hikes given to administrators in state government. The bill would apply to state appeals court judges and circuit, district and probate judges. Michigan judges would get a pay raise under pending legislation only if non-unionized state employees get a pay increase.

Their pay now is based on salaries paid to Michigan Supreme Court justices, whose raises can only be approved by lawmakers.

A fiscal analysis says if the bill were in place five years ago, an appeals judge earning $151,000 would be making $12,000 more. A circuit judge making around $140,000 would be earning at least $11,000 more.

State government's non-unionized employees usually get raises similar to what unionized workers get.

The legislation next goes to the House.