Lansing — A veteran warden of two Muskegon Heights prisons was banned from prison property pending an investigation, the Michigan Department of Corrections confirmed Wednesday.

Department spokeswoman Holly Kramer refused to disclose why Mary Berghuis, who oversees the Earnest C. Brooks and West Shoreline correctional facilities, is being investigated. The facilities, which house male inmates, gained distinction because they were the first two prisons in the state to share services.

“At this time, we cannot provide any details, as it is an ongoing investigation,” said Corrections Department spokeswoman Holly Kramer.

Berghuis is suspended until the investigation is completed, Kramer said. The warden is prohibited from the prison grounds to ensure she doesn’t “impact the work of the investigators,” she said.

The Brooks facility can hold up to 1,224 prisoners, while the West Shoreline unit handles up to 960 prisoners, according to the Department of Corrections.

Shane Jackson, the deputy warden at the nearby Muskegon Correctional Facility, is overseeing the two prisons during the investigation, according to the Corrections Department website.

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