Clinton assails Trump as ‘fraud’ scamming Americans

Julie Page,
Associated Press

Put the music on “For the Love of Money” by the O’Jays. Keep the room temperature at a maximum 68 degrees. Create a sense of urgency to enroll students as quickly as possible. And if an attorney general shows up at a Trump University seminar, contact a senior staffer immediately.

Those are among the instructions embedded in the “Trump University Playbook,” one of a number of documents that Donald Trump, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, has fought to keep sealed in several legal cases alleging that his education courses were shams.

Hillary Clinton on Wednesday assailed Trump as a “fraud” intent on scamming the American people following new revelations about the businessman’s now-defunct education company.

Clinton, Trump’s likely general election opponent, cast Trump University as a get-rich scheme for the real estate mogul that preyed on vulnerable Americans.

“He is trying to scam America the way he scammed all those people at Trump U,” Clinton said during a campaign stop in Newark, New Jersey. “It’s important that we recognize what he has done because that’s usually a pretty good indicator of what he will do.”

Former students at Trump University accuse Trump and his school of using misleading advertising to dupe 5,000 individuals to pay up to $35,000 for seminars and mentorships through the unlicensed, unaccredited “university.” Trump has said most students were satisfied and contended the lawsuits were politically motivated.

The new details about Trump University were revealed in documents released Tuesday as part of a trio of lawsuits accusing the businessman of fleecing students with unfulfilled promises to provide secrets of real estate success. Plaintiffs contend the organization gave seminars and classes across the country that constantly pressured customers to buy more and more but failed to deliver on promises of financial success.

Trump vigorously maintains that customers were overwhelmingly pleased with the offerings, and the documents do include testimony from several satisfied customers. His campaign released a video Wednesday featuring several people speaking positively about their experiences.

A case against Trump University in San Diego is scheduled to go to trial shortly after the November presidential election.

The documents released ahead of the trial underscore that, like the businessman’s presidential campaign, the selling point of Trump University was its namesake’s unshakeable self-confidence and his own personal success story.

The program’s 2009 playbook boasts that Trump is “the most celebrated entrepreneur on earth. He makes more money in a day than most people do in a lifetime.”

The playbooks, which are guides for those running the Trump University seminars, are chock-full of advice on how to seal the deal with prospective students, including painstakingly specific instructions on seminar room setups and music selections.

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