Should Trump’s Mexico wall be part of GOP’s platform?

Chad Livengood
Detroit News Lansing Bureau

Lansing — Michigan’s two representatives on the Republican National Convention’s Platform Committee are at odds over whether presumed presidential nominee Donald Trump’s proposed wall along the Mexican border should be in the party’s policy platform.

“The wall is a huge pillar of Trump’s platform in terms of getting this far and I think it should be in the platform,” said state Sen. Joe Hune, a Hamburg Township lawmaker and Trump delegate.

Meshawn Maddock, a fellow Trump delegate from Milford, disagrees that the Republican Party should enshrine Trump’s call for a Mexican-financed wall to slow the flow of illegal immigrants entering the United States along the southern border.

“I want to build the wall and I want that to be something the Trump presidency does, but I don’t think it should be in our platform,” Maddock said.

Hune and Maddock’s disagreement is more philosophical about what specific policy prescriptions the GOP should officially advocate for in a governing document delegates began drafting Sunday in Cleveland.

The 112-member national convention Platform Committee was scheduled to meet for a second full day Tuesday working on the document, which will be voted on next week by delegates attending the Republican National Convention.

Among the hot-button issues delegates are debating is whether the Republican Party should continue to officially support only “traditional marriage” between a man and woman, a year after a U.S. Supreme Court ruling legalized same-sex marriage.

Maddock said she favors a party platform that mirrors the tenets and principals of the U.S. Constitution and is easier to digest for average voters.

The 62-page 2012 Republican Party platform was “convoluted and unorganized,” Maddock said.

“There’s nothing in the Constitution about building a wall,” Maddock said. “There’s nothing in the Constitution about recognizing (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender marriage). I don’t think we need to add things.”

Maddock is serving on a subcommittee handling constitutional issues, including whether the GOP should recognize the rights of LGBT people.

Hune has been assigned to a less controversial subcommittee crafting the GOP’s positions on natural resources, energy and agricultural issues.

Michigan’s 59-member delegation attending the July 18-21 Republican National Convention elected Hune and Maddock to represent the state on the Platform Committee at a state convention in April.

The 112-member Rules Committee meets Wednesday and Thursday to hash out rules and procedures for next week’s convention as well as rules for the 2020 presidential nomination process.

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