Cleveland — Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump arrived here Wednesday afternoon in his personal helicopter, making a splashy entrance prior to runningmate Indiana Gov. Mike Pence’s prime-time speech tonight during the Republican National Convention.

Trump’s helicopter landed in a field between the Great Lakes Science Center and the Cleveland Browns football stadium with the backdrop of Lake Erie on the horizon.

The New York businessman, who was crowned the GOP’s nominee Tuesday night, was greeted on the ground by Pence, the Indiana governor’s family and members of Trump’s family, who have had a star role in the four-day convention.

“We’re going to win Ohio, we’re going to win it all,” Trump declared.

Pence, a former congressman whose selection by Trump has been lauded by the party’s conservative activists and leaders, is scheduled to address the GOP faithful Wednesday night as he formally accepts the party’s nomination for vice president.

“I’m convinced what begins in Cleveland will end in the White House,” Pence said.

This will be Pence’s first prolonged opportunity to make the case for why the New York businessman should lead the country over presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, who is expected to name her running mate later this week.

After Trump and Pence gave brief remarks, they walked along a greeting line and shook hands with supporters who were let into the event on the grounds of the Great Lakes Science Center, which sits near Lake Erie.

“It was spectacular to me, I don’t know what others thought,” said Dianne Putnam, a Trump delegate from Dalton, Ga.

Putnam had no problem with the presidential candidate’s grandiose entrance into downtown Cleveland, which began with his personal 757 plane flying past a bandstand of cameras on site to document Trump’s arrival.

“This is a movement,” Putnam said. “It’s not necessarily a political event with Donald Trump. It’s a movement orchestrated by God.”

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