Rep. Lawrence avoids apartment eviction

Jonathan Oosting
Detroit News Lansing Bureau

U.S. Rep. Brenda Lawrence of Southfield is not getting evicted from her Washington, D.C., apartment despite a court summons over alleged failure to pay rent, a spokeswoman said last week.

Court records show Lawrence’s landlord filed a complaint for non-payment on July 13 in the Superior Court of Washington, D.C., but voluntarily dismissed the case Monday.

Spokeswoman LeMia Jenkins called it a personal matter for the first-term Democratic member of Congress that she could not discuss in great detail as a congressional staffer, but she forwarded a letter from the assistant property manager at Lawrence’s building indicating that her “account is in good standing.”

“We have contacted our attorneys and legal action has been cancelled,” said the Aug. 4 letter to Lawrence, indicating that she paid her July balance on the 22nd and made an August payment on the 3rd.

Lawrence earns a $174,000 salary as member of Congress.