Protesters: Hillary Clinton a ‘criminal’

Breana Noble
The Detroit News

Warren — About 20 demonstrators called Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton a criminal Thursday before she spoke at an automotive and aerospace production facility in Warren.

All was calm at the protest on the corner of Gibson and 10 Mile near Futuramic Tool & Engineering at a protest organized by Meshawn Maddock, a Michigan delegate for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump from Milford. Protesters, however, said they would like to see the former secretary of state behind bars.

“I think she’s a criminal,” said Shane Trejo, 28, of Waterford, a Republican precinct delegate. “From her emails to Benghazi (and) Libya, Hillary should be in prison.”

Prepared with “Hillary for Prison” T-shirts and handmade signs and “Make America Great Again” hats, protesters chanted for Clinton to end her bid for commander-in-chief as cars honked their horns passing by the group on 10 Mile.

“Hey, hey! Ho, ho! Hillary’s got to go!” they chanted.

Protesters listed Clinton’s use of a private email server for handling classified U.S. security information and inaction in Benghazi when four Americans were attacked and killed as items for her rap sheet.

“She’s the queen of war,” said Dennis Marburger of Bloomfield Township, holding an “I oppose the next war” sign. “Anyone who is concerned about peace should be against Clinton.”

Many expressed concern that Clinton could support the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade proposal and the North American Free Trade Agreement, which they blamed for many manufacturing jobs leaving Michigan.

“She has a lot of courage coming to Warren, the heart of the destruction of big government policies,” Maddock said.

Support for Donald Trump was high among the demonstrators. Agreeing the real-estate mogul was the better option, protesters rejected the notion his recent comments about another way for “Second Amendment people” to avoid a Clinton presidency meant any harm.

“He has an incredible use of sarcasm and wit,” Maddock said. “I don’t think he’s divisive at all. I think he’s going to kill her (in the election).”

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