Snapshots: Sanders to stump for Clinton

Burlington, Vt. — Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders said Wednesday he’ll campaign actively this fall to send Democrat Hillary Clinton to the White House and bolster the party’s congressional candidates, with swings already planned in New Hampshire, New York and Washington state.

And while he has policy disagreements with Clinton, Sanders urged those who backed his defeated bid for the Democratic presidential nomination to not defect to the Green Party’s Jill Stein or Libertarian Gary Johnson.

“Politics is tough stuff, and you’ve got to make difficult choices,” Sanders, an independent, said in an interview with The Associated Press. “To me this was not a particularly difficult choice. Donald Trump would be a disaster for everything I believe in and I think my supporters believe in.”

A main motivation for his involvement would be defeating Trump, the Republican presidential nominee, Sanders said. He called Trump “the worst candidate of a major political party in my lifetime.”

“I think his election to be president would be a disaster for this country, an international embarrassment for the United States, and I’m going to do everything I can to defeat him,” Sanders said.

NRA to advertise for Trump

The National Rifle Association is making plans to help Donald Trump.

The NRA’s political victory fund has reserved about $2.7 million in TV commercials from the week of Sept. 5 through the week of Oct. 18, Kantar Media’s political ad tracker shows.

Most ads are set to begin Sept. 20. Like the Republican presidential nominee’s campaign, the NRA is focusing on Ohio, North Carolina and Pennsylvania. The group also will advertise across the country.

The NRA has been one of Trump’s key allies on television, airing commercials well before Trump’s own campaign began doing so. In all, the NRA is on track to spend at least $7.6 million on presidential commercials, Kantar Media shows.

The NRA warns that Democrat Hillary Clinton would clamp down on gun rights if elected president.