RI GOP leader: Calling Clinton ‘subhuman’ was mistake

Associated Press

Providence, R.I. — A Republican leader in Rhode Island who recently called Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton “subhuman” has acknowledged the comment was a mistake, but isn’t apologizing.

State GOP Chairman Brandon Bell made the comment Wednesday during a WPRO-AM interview. He told the host he would like to see a female president someday, but “the right female.” He then said: “Hillary is subhuman.”

He attempted to clarify his comments on Thursday, telling WPRO-AM his word choice was a mistake and he should have said “subpar,” but won’t walk back his statements.

He says he will apologize when Clinton apologizes for “breaching national security with her private server and then repeatedly lying about it.”

State Democratic Party Chairman Joseph McNamara says the comment was “rude” and beneath the dignity of party leaders.