Macomb Co. Republicans cheer Trump at watch party

Charles E. Ramirez
The Detroit News

Utica — Dozens who support Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump applauded and laughed when he took shots at Democratic rival Hillary Clinton during their first debate Monday night.

“You’ve been doing this for 30 years and nothing has been solved and you haven’t thought of any solutions,” Trump said shortly into the debate between the Republican and Democratic presidential candidates. The candidates taunted each other over policy, infrastructure, trade and jobs in their first face-to-face televised debate encounter.

“I have thought of it,” Clinton said.

“Yeah for 30 years,” Trump retorted, drawing loud clapping from the crowd at at the Macomb County Republican Party’s headquarters and laughed again when he said “we have people who are political hacks making our trade deals.”

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When the business magnate took another shot at her, Clinton, disputing his version of her political tenure, told Trump “I know you live in your own reality.”

In unison, the crowd in Utica groaned loudly, “AWWWW!”

Another zinger: When Trump said he’d release his tax returns when Clinton releases her “33,000 pages” of emails.

They laughed and clapped when she criticized him for not turning over his tax returns and not paying federal taxes. He responded: “That makes me smart,” which drew chuckles and applause.

The crowd again reacted when Clinton said she was glad her father didn’t do business with Trump. “AWWWW!”

The group gathered in the county GOP’s offices in a storefront in a strip mall on the corner of Hall and Schoenherr roads in Utica. A handful wore Trump T-shirts and baseball caps.

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“Trump is winning over many American voters tonight,” former Macomb GOP chairman Jared Maynard said during the debate.”

Emma Johnson of St. Clair Shores was wearing a white Trump baseball cap that Trump and his running mate Mike Pence autographed for her.

“I think he did great,” said Johnson, 48. “He was outspoken and he didn’t back down.”

She said she enjoyed the debate and handed him the win.

“I think he did well tonight and I think he’s going to win the election.”