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Gore camp says 2000 recount, Trump allegations not same

Associated Press

Washington — The top spokesman for Al Gore’s 2000 White House bid says Donald Trump’s lieutenants are misrepresenting history.

Trump advisers point to Gore’s 2000 recount battle with George W. Bush as a precedent for Trump refusing to say he’ll concede if Hillary Clinton wins Nov. 8. Gore conceded to Bush on election night 2000 but retracted amid a razor-thin finish in Florida.

Chris Lehane noted that Florida law triggered an initial recount. He said Gore never questioned “the legitimacy of the election” process before Election Day or during the recount.

When the Supreme Court later stopped the recount, Lehane noted Gore gave a speech within hours “making clear that Bush was the legitimately elected president.”

Lehane highlighted another difference: Gore won the national popular vote. Polls show Trump clearly trailing Clinton.