Snapshots: CNN accepts contributor’s resignation

CNN said Monday it is “completely uncomfortable” to learn through WikiLeaks that former commentator Donna Brazile had contacted the Clinton campaign ahead of time about a question that would be posed during a presidential primary town hall last March in Flint, Michigan.

The network said that it had accepted Brazile’s resignation as a contributor two weeks ago; it wasn’t clear why this wasn’t announced earlier. Brazile’s deal had been suspended in July when she became interim head of the Democratic National Committee.

The material released Monday from the hacked file of Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta revealed at least the second time that Brazile had communicated to Clinton aides about questions she might be asked on the air.

Brazile was never given access to any questions, preparation material or list of people attending any presidential forum in advance, CNN said Monday.

Supremacist Trump backer targets McMullin

Independent presidential candidate Evan McMullin is criticizing Republican Donald Trump over a robo call going out in Utah from a white nationalist supporter who calls McMullin a “closet homosexual” and “open borders amnesty supporter.”

White nationalist William Johnson said Monday the call will go out starting Monday night to 193,000 voters in Utah, where polls show McMullin is threatening Trump.

McMullin in a Tweet called it another “desperate attack” spreading “baseless lies” by Trump and his “racist supporters as he continues to lose ground in Utah.”

Johnson says Trump had nothing to do with the call. He is among white supremacists who have credited Trump with invigorating their cause.

From Detroit News wire services