Trump Jr. in Detroit: ‘We want to see real change’

Leonard N. Fleming
The Detroit News

Warren — Donald Trump Jr. made two stops Monday in Metro Detroit and attracted packed crowds, one in downtown Detroit and the other in Warren just one day after his father appeared in Macomb County.

Scores of people at both locations waited several minutes to take pictures with Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s oldest son after speeches promoting his father’s agenda.

At Rub BBQ Pub a block away from Comerica Park, Trump told the 75 people assembled there that his father is for them and that he understands their anger at both parties and Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

“From Day One, this election has been about change,” he said. “It’s why Bernie Sanders won the (Democratic) primary here. We want to see real change.”

Trump Jr. criticized the Affordable Health Care Act as unaffordable and Clinton as a career politician who is desperate to win Michigan with last-minute appearances. In the process, he said both parties have let the American people down.

“This is the false promise that has failed Americans time and time again,” Trump Jr. said. “That’s the kind of false promises that has fueled this movement of my father. And it is a movement. It’s not a campaign. People are fed up.”

Trump Jr. referred to Clinton’s email controversy as secretary of state and the FBI’s decision Sunday that newly discovered emails provided no evidence of illegal mishandling of classified material.

“Nothing’s going to happen and that’s fine,” he said, but warned that normal federal employees wouldn’t have received the same treatment.

“I’d love to say it’s the Democrats that are evil,” he said. “No, both sides have failed us. Failed promise after failed promise.”

At the Ukrainian Cultural Center in Warren, Trump Jr. echoed more of his father’s message about cleaning up Washington if elected president. The Trump Organization executive vice president noted that he has attracted large audiences even though he is not running for office — something he attributed to father’s resonance with the public.

“He’s doing it for the working people of this country, the men and women who built this country who watched their jobs get shipped abroad, who watched the American dream get shipped abroad and outsourced,” Trump Jr. said.