Survey: Trump’s Mich. lead cut by 403 votes

Michael Gerstein, and Charles E. Ramirez

Democrat Hillary Clinton has cut into Republican President-elect Donald Trump’s lead in Michigan, but it does not make a significant dent in his margin, according to a survey by The Detroit News of the state’s 10 largest counties.

In unofficial results, Trump led Clinton by 13,107 votes after the Nov. 8 election, but the final vote totals are scheduled to be certified by the Board of State Canvassers at a Nov. 28 meeting.

After the 10 largest counties certified their votes Tuesday, a review found that Clinton had gained 403 votes on Trump. It would leave the New York businessman with a margin of victory of around 12,000 votes before the official results from Michigan’s 73 other counties. The figure could change further once the other counties' results are submitted.

Secretary of State spokesman Fred Woodhams said previously it is highly unlikely enough votes would shift to affect the outcome of a Trump victory. He said Tuesday that the state will receive all the counties’ results by Wednesday.

County canvassing boards and clerks have spent the past couple of weeks double-checking their vote totals and making adjustments so they could meet a Tuesday deadline for sending their certified results to the state. In many cases, the clerks were adding votes for both Trump and Clinton.

Clinton, the former secretary of state, had her largest addition of votes come in Democrat-dominated Wayne County, where she had a net gain of 533 votes after the canvassing board certified the results.

“OK, we’re certified,” said Krista Haroutunian, chairwoman of the Wayne County Board of Canvassers, after the four-member board voted unanimously to certify the results.

Before the vote, the panel heard from county clerk staff members and the head of the election division for Detroit’s clerk. Officials said optical ballot scanning machines at multiple polling places in Detroit malfunctioned on election night, causing results to be delayed.

Daniel Baxter, Detroit’s elections director, told the board the city hopes to get new equipment next year.

“Hopefully, in the next cycle we’ll have a smoother process,” Haroutunian said.

Washtenaw County had the next biggest addition at 162 votes for Clinton.

Trump’s biggest surge came in Republican-friendly Ottawa County on the state’s west side, where he had a net gain of 162 votes.

In Macomb County, which the president-elect won by double digits, Clinton and Trump each gained 76 votes with no net change in the margin.

How the counties finished (listed by population size):

■Wayne: Clinton won the county over Trump 66 percent to 29 percent. She picked up 565 more votes during the canvassing, while he gained 32 votes.

■Oakland: Clinton won the county by 8 percentage points, picking up another 94 votes as Trump added 76 votes.

■Macomb: Trump and Clinton each gained 76 votes.

■Kent: Trump narrowly won the county as Clinton picked up 25 votes, while he gained 20 votes.

■Genesee: Clinton won the county by 9 percentage points. She gained seven votes while Trump added one vote under the certified results.

■Washtenaw: Clinton added 66 votes in a liberal county she overwhelmingly won, while Trump gained 18 votes. She ended up netting a gain of 48 votes, according to the Washtenaw County Clerk’s office.

■Ingham: Clinton gained 11 votes while Trump added four in a county she overwhelmingly won.

■Kalamazoo: Clinton gained six votes and Trump added three votes because of the counting of provisional ballots, County Clerk Tim Snow said.

■Ottawa: Trump won the county by almost 30 percentage points and picked up 225 votes to Clinton’s addition of eight votes.

■Saginaw: The County Clerk’s office reported no change between the unofficial and certified results. Trump barely won the county.