Rock ‘n’ roll GOP primary for Senate? Don’t bet on it

Jonathan Oosting
Detroit News Lansing Bureau

Could Kid Rock run for U.S. Senate?

Sure, as a citizen who is more than 30 years old he appears to meet the constitutional requirements. But there otherwise is no evidence to suggest that Kid Rock is running, and he certainly hasn't expressed any interest in public.

Nonetheless, rumors that one of Michigan’s most famous Republican rock stars could challenge Democratic U.S. Sen. Debbie Stabenow of Lansing in 2018 spread across the nation this week, reaching as far as the Roll Call newspaper in Washington, D.C.

The speculation appears to have originated from a single source: Michigan GOP state central committee member Wes Nakagiri of Hartland, who on Saturday told a Michigan publication he thinks Kid Rock, who has a house in Clarkston, would be a good candidate.

But in a Wednesday interview with The Detroit News, Nakagiri acknowledged he does not have any insider information that the Romeo native is considering a run. He just likes the idea.

Michigan Republicans need a candidate who could capture the public’s imagination like President Donald Trump did last fall, Nakagiri argued. He doesn’t think there is much enthusiasm for two GOP politicians who are actually exploring runs: U.S. Rep. Fred Upton of St. Joseph and former state Senate Majority Leader Randy Richardville of Monroe.

Michigan’s original Republican rock star Ted Nugent isn’t shying away from another left-field suggestion that he should challenge Stabenow, which would require the “Motor City Madman” to move back from Texas if elected.

“If these GOP sonsab-----s dont get it right this time I will come charging in as the ultimate WE THE PISSED OFF PEOPLE Mr FixIt Consitutional firebreathing sh--kicker candidate from hell!” Nugent wrote Tuesday on Facebook.