A Florida company is trying to make the American political novelty market great again by peddling a talking figure of President Donald Trump.

The “Donald Talking Figure” spits out 17 different comments by the Republican president with the push of a red button. Among the booming, high-definition audio lines culled from hundreds of hours of YouTube and online speeches:

“I don’t, frankly, have time for total political correctness. And this country doesn’t have time either.”

“They say, ‘Is Donald Trump an intellectual?’ Trust me. I’m like a smart person.”

“And yes, together, we will make American great again.”

Five comments cover the media and free speech.

“Who doesn’t market something with Trump’s name and turn it into gold?” said Meshawn Maddock of Milford, a Trump Michigan presidential campaign co-chair and a leader of Michigan Trump Republicans. “I’m really happy that it is not showing President Trump in a negative light.”

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Since the Trump name is trademarked, Our Friendly Forest owner Jay Kamhi said in an email that he avoids that name in his product even as the creator of the “Hillary Laughing Pen” pays homage to the New York businessman.

“I made that mistake last year with my Donald Talking Pen, and Customs seized the entire shipment,” said Kamhi, whose company is based in Clearwater, Florida, and sells the eight-comment pen on for $14.95.

The 8-inch-tall talking Donald figure is made in China and is dressed in a dark suit, red tie and yellowish (not orangeish) hair.

The talking Donald is sold for $19.95 at, and Kamhi said shipping is free for Amazon Prime customers. Walmart was selling the figure online for $29.95, and the manufacturer advises that it is suited for those age 12 and up.

But Kamhi won’t disclose for whom he voted in 2016.

“I choose to keep that private as my goal as a toymaker is to entertain people of all political beliefs and make them smile,” he said.

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