John Dingell ‘hanging out’ at hospital after spill

The Detroit News

Former U.S. Rep. John Dingell “took a fall” and has been hospitalized, he tweeted Tuesday night.

“If you’re lucky enough to make it to 91 years old, pay attention to where you’re walking. Took a fall and ended up hanging out here at @GWHospital with a bum leg,” he wrote.

“Feeling good though. Particularly glad I’m not a horse.”

His wife, U.S. Rep. Debbie Dingell, posted on her Facebook page Tuesday that her husband was “fine.....charming the pants off anyone that will listen with his stories.

“But he is stubborn and independent and listens to no one.....and that is why he is so strong .....but occasionally he does stupid things. Like last night, talking and not paying attention and fell. No fracture....wounded pride....a pain in the xxx.”

She said Dingell was admitted to George Washington University Hospital after having trouble putting weight on his left leg.

“They think it is strained quadriceps,” she said.

He’s had mishaps and hospitalizations before. In December 2014, he broke his hip and entered the same hospital for an 18-day stay. That same year, he had surgery in Detroit for an abnormal heart rhythm, and in September, he was in the same hospital in Detroit for an infection.

The former U.S. representative was the longest-serving member of Congress when he retired in 2015. Debbie Dingell won election in November 2014 to replace him.

Debbie Dingell said on Facebook on Tuesday that she was prepared to provide TLC during the holidays as her husband recovers.

“i will be his drill instructor and with TLC from me over the holiday and relentless PT he will be up and around in January.”