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John Dingell released from hospital after fall

Melissa Nann Burke
The Detroit News

Washington — Former Rep. John Dingell was released from George Washington University Hospital on Wednesday after a two-week stay, his wife, U.S. Rep. Debbie Dingell, said.

John Dingell, 91, was hospitalized Dec. 20 with what doctors thought was strained quadriceps after a fall. He had been receiving physical therapy at the Washington, D.C., hospital in recent weeks.

Debbie Dingell said on Facebook he could return home with her to Michigan as soon as next week.

“We are grateful to everyone who helped, nurtured and supported us and now we will continue the discipline of PT everyday with me as the drill instructor and appreciate everyday we have,” Debbie wrote in her post.

“With luck and staying on schedule of exercising, he will come home, home with me next week. The weather to tricky, cold and we need to keep building that strength back before boarding a plane ....but there is nothing like true home to heal the body and soul.”

John Dingell was admitted to the hospital after he had difficulty putting weight on his left leg after a fall.

“If you’re lucky enough to make it to 91 years old, pay attention to where you’re walking. Took a fall and ended up hanging out here at @GWHospital with a bum leg,” he wrote on Twitter a few days before Christmas.

“Feeling good though. Particularly glad I’m not a horse.”

He broke his hip in December 2014 and entered the same hospital for an 18-day stay. That same year, he had surgery in Detroit for an abnormal heart rhythm.

The former congressman served nearly 60 years in Congress before retiring in 2015. Debbie Dingell won election in November 2014 to replace him.