Burlington, Vt. – A former energy company executive from Vermont has a shot at becoming the nation’s first transgender governor – but she says that’s not the main reason she’s running.

Christine Hallquist says she wants to be elected on the basis of what she believes she can bring to the state she loves.

Hallquist acknowledges that in the run-up to Tuesday’s primary, people are finally beginning to pay attention to the race, but her transgender status isn’t what’s on their minds. She says Vermont voters want to know what she can do to help them get higher-paying jobs, provide health care for their families and better educate their children.

The 62-year-old Hallquist is one of four candidates in the Democratic primary. She’s part of a wave of LGBTQ candidates seeking higher office across the U.S.

Incumbent Republican Gov. Phil Scott is also facing a primary challenge Tuesday.

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