Right-leaning nonprofit paid Whitaker nearly $1M

Michael Balsamo and Chad Day
Associated Press

Washington – Before joining the Justice Department, acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker earned nearly $1 million from a right-leaning nonprofit that doesn’t disclose its donors.

That’s according to financial disclosure forms released by the Justice Department.

The documents show Whitaker received $904,000 from the Foundation for Accountability & Civic Trust from 2016 through nearly the end of 2017.

The nonprofit group, known as FACT, styles itself as a nonpartisan government watchdog promoting ethics and transparency. The tax-exempt group is supposed to serve the public interest without supporting or opposing specific candidates for office.

However, its challenges and its website have focused largely, though not exclusively, on Democrats.

Whitaker used his role as president and executive director of FACT in 2016 as a platform to question the ethics of Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.