Bill Pulte’s push for philanthropy on Twitter has drawn attention from the Tweeter in Chief.

Pulte, scion of William Pulte, who founded one of the nation's largest home builders, recently created a viral stir with his pledge to give away $100,000 through various charitable efforts online.

On Wednesday, Pulte tweeted that he and his team would give "Two Beautiful Cars to Two Beautiful Veterans on Twitter" if President Donald Trump, who has met him several times, retweeted his message.

The commander in chief noticed, tweeting: "Thank you Bill, say hello to our GREAT VETERANS."

The attention only boosts the mission to help others, Pulte, managing partner of the investment group Pulte Capital Partners, and who sits on the board of Pulte Homes, told followers Wednesday night in a video posted on Periscope.

"What we’re able to do is get a greater reach," he said in the clip.

On Wednesday, Pulte, who calls himself "Twitter's #1 Philanthropist," also tweeted about newly launched

“This isn't about a website. This is about a movement. Becoming ePhilanthropists. We all are already one, now we will make it even more legit,” he tweeted.

He also tweeted about a GoFundMe page for a veteran whom his team and the group Code for Vets are working to help. The Army vet has been homeless and needs a car, according to the page.

"This is about creating a culture of giving and loving and positivity in the world," Pulte said Wednesday night. "Where there is so much hate and vitriol... we need to start using social media for good." 

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