Detroit — Washington governor and former congressman Jay Inslee, 68, took the stage Wednesday with a focus on climate change for the second Democratic primary debate. Here are some of his remarks.


Health care: Inslee touted his state's health care program, saying Washington was the first to offer "publicly sanctioned offer of health care to our citizens." He said his state's seniors are "eligible to retire in dignity." 

Criminal justice reform: "I'm proud that I was the first governor to offer pardon to thousands of people with drug crimes. ... We've adopted probably one of the best police accountability measures and train our police officers in de-escalation techniques"

Climate change: "And we know this, middle-ground solutions, like the vice president has proposed, or sort of middling averaged sized things are not going to save us. Too little, too late is too dangerous." 

Immigration: "We can no longer allow a white nationalist to be in the White House. We have to make America what it's always been: a place of refuge." 

Equal pay: "I would suggest we need to think about a bigger scandal in America, which is that in professions and careers where women have been more than the majority, they have almost always been underpaid." 

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