Most notable interactions from the first Democratic debate in Detroit

The Detroit News

From talk on reparations to Bernie Sanders' "I wrote the damn bill" comment that drew cheers, here are the most important moments from Democratic candidates during the first Detroit debate:

Elizabeth Warren

 Real courage and a backbone are necessary to beat President Donald Trump, presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren emphasized. »

Bernie Sanders 

U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders condemned the country's "dysfunctional" health care system and defended a plan he authored that some challengers attacked as bad policy. »

Marianne Williamson

Best-selling author Marianne Williamson said the problems in the United States run much deeper than all the issues debated Tuesday, and that some of her competitors were part of the problem. »

Pete Buttigieg

South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg said he brought good news and bad in his closing statement for the debate. »

Beto O'Rourke

Former Texas Congressman Beto O'Rourke said he would support reparations for African-Americans if elected. »

Tim Ryan

Ohio Congressman Tim Ryan emphasized economic issues as he occasionally tangled with progressive Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders in the first of two Detroit debates. »

Steve Bullock

Reaching the American people and working to improve life for ordinary citizens could be the path for Democrats to reclaim areas Donald Trump won in 2016, Montana Gov. Steve Bullock argued. »

John Delaney

Former Maryland Congressman John Delaney received a lot of air time as he sparred with U.S. Sens. Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren about the future of the party. »

Amy Klobuchar

 Amy Klobuchar said she has a better chance of winning the presidency with her proposal for a public health plan option than with her U.S. Senate colleague Bernie Sanders' Medicare for All plan. »

John Hickenlooper

Former Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper emphasized his moderate stances on health care to immigration in fiery exchanges with left-leaning Democratic presidential front runners. »